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New Patient Application

New Patient Information

Over the years, I have focused more and more on helping people with chronic, difficult to treat conditions.  My goal has been to help them improve their health and how they feel.   I am also doing focused visit for people with single medical concerns, such as Hypothyroidism.

The work that I do may not be what you will typically find in a routine doctor's visit, nor is it what health insurance plans are used to dealing with. 

Because of the nature of my practice and the demand for this type of work, I have found it necessary to use an application process. 

Before you fill out the application, please review the following information.  

Terms and Payment Policy

1.  I cannot be your primary care physician.  Please retain a primary care physician for your routine health needs. 
2.  I do not do hospital patient visits. 
3.  I do NOT file insurance.  I am not a participating provider with any health insurance company or managed care company.  The time I spend with a patient's care, both in the visits and in additional time, will not be billable to insurance.
4.  I am not a participating provider in MediCare.  If you have MediCare as your primary insurance, you will NOT be able to file for reimbursement for your office visit.   It is also possible that they will not cover any lab that I order. 
5.  I am not a participating provider in MediCaid.  If you have MediCaid as your primary insurance, you will NOT be able to file for reimbursement for your office visit. 
6.  Your first visit with me will take place in the clinic.  Subsequent visits may be done by phone or some other form of audio/visual method.  This is especially important for patients who travel from outside the Central Arkansas area.
7.  I use outside labs who will often bill your insurance company for the lab testing.  However, there is some lab testing which may be out-of-pocket.  This testing will only be utilized if we are unable to make progress with the other lab testing.
8.  As a new patient, you will pay for my services at the time of your visit.  We are able to make the cost of the visits manageable by splitting the fee into monthly payments. 
9.  Due to the amount of work involved with patient visits, each visit will be billed at least for one hour.  Even when the visit is less than an hour, there is considerable time involved with reviewing information prior to the visit and documentation after the visit.  The visit charge helps to cover this time.
Payment is due at the time of the visit.  You will be given a Clinic Receipt with the medical diagnosis and clinic codes. 
10.  The contents of the application will be sent to me for review.  If you are accepted as a patient, I will set up a contact account for you through a secure portal called UpDox.  Once I do this, you will receive an email notification with information on accessing this account.  
I will send you the paperwork to fill out and bring with you to your first appointment.  
I will also send you our billing policies and additional reading material.  
I will send you the date and time of your appointment.  Please contact me through the UpDox account (or call Lisa at 501- 514 - 7253) if you need to change the appointment date/time, and/or with any questions. 
11.  To better understand what my understanding is of chronic disease and how to recover, I suggest that you read, "Zero Point, Where Worlds Collide and Autism is Born".  This is available on Amazon, both in print and in Kindle format.

I hope that you find your path to wellness, whether it brings you here or takes you in another direction. 

Betsy Hendricks MD
Arkansas Center for the Study of Integrative Medicine.

New Patient Application

To receive a NEW PATIENT APPLICATION, please contact us at: or by calling 501-514-7253.